Myron Goldenstern

Human Wizard of the Conjuration Domain and his rat familiar, Rattus Maximus


Level 1, Human, LN (arcane-related)/N

  • HP 6
  • AC 13
  • STR 10
  • DEX 16
  • CON 14
  • INT 20
  • WIS 13
  • CHA 13
  • FORTITUDE +2 (+4 with Maxie)
  • REFLEX +3
  • WILL +3

Quarterstaff, Dagger, Light Crossbow (cultural weapon, +1 to attack)


Myron Goldenstern

Hymon Gallstone was a merchant, of sorts. Even as a child, growing up in the city of Greyhawk, he was a master of the spiel and the deal. With his glib words and golden tongue, he persuaded many a childhood friend and acquaintance to part with some treasured item or trinket in exchange for a lesser object. The measure of his skills was that few, if any, felt cheated by Hymon, although some had niggling doubts about the wisdom of their transaction. Yes, Hymon Gallstone was an entrepreneur, and a successful one.

As he entered adulthood, Hymon expanded his trading into a thriving business of retail sales and short term loans in exchange for merchandise. Then it was that he made the acquaintance of one Dalin Moonshadow, a young half-elf adventurer with a rather loose regard for laws and those who enforce them. The two young men, both followers of Norebo, met in a gambling hall, and soon recognized kindred spirits in themselves. In Dalin, Hymon saw a source of high-profit goods for his burgeoning mercantile endeavors, while in Hymon, Dalin found a trustworthy means of “wealth redistribution.” Thus was a longstanding friendship born, one which would last their lifetimes.

Hymon’s enterprises ranged far and wide, but ultimately he became best known as a purveyor of fine art, jewelry, and antiquities. When he established that business, he felt the Gallstone name was unsuitable for an enterprise that dealt with the upper reaches of society, so he changed his name to Goldenstern, one much more fitting to his lofty aspirations. “Goldenstern’s ” became the place for the high and mighty to purchase their luxuries, and its dragonshell-green gift boxes became the most widely recognized mark of elegance throughout the Flanaess.

In time, as sometimes happens with those who acquire great wealth, both Hymon and Dalin became pillars of local society. Hymon hobnobbed with the rich and the powerful of Greyhawk, making many influential friends among the Directing Oligarchs, and, for his suitable donations to the city’s coffers, was rewarded with a minor nobility. Dalin, much to his chagrin, inadvertently did a great service for the Lord Mayor, and was knighted for his efforts. Eventually, they both married, had children, and settled down in the High Quarter of the city.

The closeness of the two men extended to their families, which is how “Uncle” Dalin became the child Myron’s heartfather. Dalin frequently entertained the young man at his home, where Myron met many interesting characters, among whom were Dalin’s adventuring companions. Two notables were a beautiful and headstrong paladin of Tyr who often would instruct Myron on lawful behavior to, as she herself stated, “counterbalance the influence of that scoundrel Dalin,” and a garrulous halfling cleric who was reknowned for taking extended baths and engaging in philosophical discussions with evil high priests. The latter was also an accomplished chef, and from him, Myron developed a talent for creating haute cuisine.

Thus, under the influence of his father, his uncle, and their friends, Myron learned the need for laws as well as the ways, means, and skills to circumvent them. When Myron manifested both a talent for and an interest in the arcane arts, both his fathers exerted their influence to get the extremely intelligent boy admitted to the prestigious Greyhawk School of Wizardry, where he excelled. To honor his fathers’ worship of Norebo, and because he liked “good looking women with attitude,” Myron chose to follow Norebo’s lover, Wee Jas, goddess of Magic, Death, Vanity, and Law.

At the wizard’s academy, Myron chose to concentrate on the arcane domain of Conjuration. For some reason, he particularly liked the idea of summoning creatures and things to do his bidding. In the little spare time he had, he also continued to refine the skills his fathers had taught him: the arts of appraising goods, detecting (and creating) forgeries, and circumventing security measures to acquire items from not-quite-so-secure locations. Upon graduation from the academy, inspired by both his fathers’ careers, and with their encouragement, Myron decided to seek his fortune adventuring.

Myron Goldenstern

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