Race: Elan, Class: Psion Seer(Clairsentience)

Alignment: Neutral probably

Str. 10, Dex. 13, Con. 14, Int. 18, Wis. 16, Cha. 11

HP: 10 AC: 11

Fort: 2, Ref: 1, Will: 5

Feats: Psionic Body, Psionic Talent


Edgar has spent two life times putting his skills to the challenge and seeking the power he wants. Even the cost he had to pay for that second life has only pushed him more and given him greater understanding of the power he holds over his own mind. After a life time of study and research on the Golden Mind and its teachings Edgar feels he is closing in on what he seeks.

Edgar was a Psychic Warrior in his first life a man of some psion understanding. He lived a mostly normal life as soldier; until he found some information about the Golden Mind. Edgar became consumed by it and the teachings. He spent his entire life chasing it but lacked the power. At middle age he was given a second chance and a new body. With the information he had he was ready to start over as a Psion with greater understanding and knowledge to reach his goal.


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