Greyhawk Revisited

The Adventure Begins

Session 1 Recap

Our heroes have made their way to Brightwall Keep, to offer their aid to the residents of the keep. Once at the keep, they secure rooms in the traveler’s lodge, and spend the evening in the tavern, getting to know the locals and trying to gain information about the lands around the keep. A number of things are discovered, including rumors of a madman lurking in the woods to the northwest, and scattered disappearances of the good folk around the Keep. They also make the acquaintance of Hyram, who asks to join their number, offering his skills as a rogue to aid their cause.

The following morning, the company is greeted by Eldan, Captain of the Guard at Brightwall Keep. He makes sure they understand the laws and customs of the Keep, especially the law that vagrancy will not be allowed. All who wish to stay at the Keep must have a means of support, and must be able to pay for lodging, either by coin or by service. The company assures the Captain they will abide by the laws, and their names and professions are duly recorded by the Guard. Our heroes are: Jozan, a cleric of Pelor; Myron Goldenstern, of the Greyhawk Goldensterns, a conjuration focused wizard; Edgar, a seer who seeks the Golden Mind; Tristan and Dagonay, twin brothers and would-be weapon masters; as well as the aforementioned Hyram.

The company decides to seek out nearby caves reported to be inhabited by tribes of humanoids, including at least two tribes of orcs. After making preparations and seeking information about a more exact location for these caves, our heroes make their way along the trade-road traveling east. Hyram offers to scout ahead, and just after midday, he discovers that a band of brigands has set up an ambush just ahead. Hyram and Edgar slip ahead to prepare a counter-ambush, with the rest of the company to proceed as if unaware of the impending attack. Hyram drops a brigand archer with a well-aimed arrow, and the battle is joined. A fierce melee ensues, and our heroes are victorious, although two of the brigands manage to escape. A search of the villains turns up an amulet with a curious symbol. The heroes decide to return to the Keep with the amulet to learn more about it, and to rest and heal the minor wounds they suffered. After consulting with the Guard, it seems the amulet carries the symbol of the Slave Lords, whom are rumored to be operating out of the ruined city of Highport. Perhaps these brigands were responsible for the raids and disappearances in recent weeks. The heroes are rewarded with 100 gold coins for dispatching the brigands.

The company sets out again on the following day, again seeking the location of the caves. After two boring days, the road turns north, and just before nightfall, Hyram discovers a ravine, which may house the caves they seek. In the morning, our heroes make their way to the ravine, and discover numerous cave openings. Approaching one of the caves, they make their way inside. Moments later, they stumble across a patrol of goblins. A brief melee erupts, and the goblins are dispatched, but not before one escapes and the alarm is raised. Another half-dozen goblins are encountered and engaged, but the sounds of heavy footfalls are heard down the hall. Joining the fray is an enormous, yellow-skinned ogre. Swinging a huge tree-trunk like a club, the ogre smashes a crushing blow into Dagonay. Only a quick healing spell from Jozan keeps Dagonay on his feet. Edgar blasts the goblins with rays of energy, and Tristan is a whirlwind of flashing steel, his twin blades spilling goblin lives out onto the stone floor. Hyram makes an acrobatic move to get past the ogre, trying to help Dagonay by dividing the giant’s attention. Myron tries to distract the beast with a spell, but it shakes off the effect. Jozan calls upon Pelor to protect Dagonay from evil, hoping this may keep the ogre from crushing the life from him. Hyram spots an opening, and his shortsword flashes, inflicting a grievous wound on the ogre. The ogre raises his club high, and Dagonay knows his life is ended if that blow lands. He throws himself aside, and the club crashes into the cave floor, missing by inches. Dagonay’s counterstroke, however, strikes true, and the ogre falls dead at his feet. The remaining goblins are dispatched, and after discovering an opened secret door into the ogre’s cave, our heroes venture further into the goblin lair. The company hears the sound of whispered goblin voices ahead, but is unable to decipher the meaning. Our heroes enter a larger chamber, and find what must be the rest of the goblin tribe arrayed in a battle formation. At least a dozen goblin warriors face them, with what is obviously a chieftain exhorting his followers to kill these interlopers. Myron advances into the chamber, to the chagrin of his companions. Tristan bravely places himself between the wizard and the goblin horde. Edgar’s energy rays take a heavy toll on the goblin warriors, while Jozan channels the light of Pelor to heal his companions. Dagonay charges the goblin battle-line and is quickly surrounded by goblin warriors. Jozan reads from a scroll found in the ogre’s cave, and the goblin chieftain is overcome with paralysis. Hyram slips past the goblin lines and dispatches him with a well-aimed thrust. Myron conjures a layer of slippery grease in the midst of the goblins, and several of them are unable to keep their feet. Edgar relies on his crossbow skills to pick off goblins as they approach Tristan and Dagonay. The brothers are in their element, with blades flashing and goblins falling around them. The goblins are finally defeated, and the company must now decide on their next course of action.


Myron was so successful greasing the floor under the gobs in the first encounter, he forgot himself and charged into the next one with grease guns firing, not noticing that the fighters were waiting to draw the gobs to the narrow passageway. Fortunately for Myron, Trys and Dag didn’t hold it against him, and saved his narrow ass. To make up for his faux pas, Myron became a dazzling fool, laying a few well-placed dazes where they were most useful. Myron has learned his lesson.

The Adventure Begins

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