Greyhawk Revisited

A Stroll Through the Swamps

Session 3 Recap

A Stroll Through the Swamps

The company returns to the Keep after defeating the Bloody Tusk Clan of orcs, somewhat the worse for wear. Jozan heals their wounds on the two day trek back to the Keep, and the heroes are grateful for his skills. They spend two days selling treasure and replenishing supplies before deciding what to do next. During this time, a new companion joins the company, a huruk monk named Kronk. The heroes decide to investigate some of the other rumors in the area, and set out for the marshes to the south. A tribe of lizardfolk is known to lair there, and the Keep’s lead forester disappeared somewhere in that area. Jozan, however, is not feeling well, and decides to remain behind.

After a day and a half of travel, the heroes reach the edge of the marshes, and begin to slowly travel inward. As evening descends, the company finds a bit of higher ground, and decides to make camp. Late that night, they are ambushed by a small group of lizardfolk. Of the half-dozen who attack, only one escapes. The next day, the heroes try to track the lizardfolk back to their lair. Their meager skills at woodcraft are sufficient to find a large mound that must be home to the lizardfolk. As the heroes debate how to approach the mound, lizardfolk begin emerging from the mound and move to attack. A fierce battle ensues, with the heroes victorious. Dagonay and Tristan both receive a number of claw wounds, while Kronk displays his prowess as a grappler. Edgar and Myron provide mystic support, and Hyram drops a lizardfolk with a single shot to the head. After searching the mound, they determine that this must be a hunting lodge for a larger tribe, since there are no signs of females or young.

The heroes decide to continue on, and after scouting ahead and climbing trees to gain a better vantage point, see an area of the marshes that appears to have a different type of vegetation. The company heads that way, and soon finds a higher, less-marshy area with numerous pines and evergreens. As they move through the trees, the heroes fail to notice the thick webbing strung through the upper branches. They do notice when that webbing is hurled upon them and a trio of monstrous spiders burst out of concealment. Tristan, Edgar, and Dagonay are trapped in the webs, while the others manage to avoid the sticky mess. The spiders attack the trapped heroes, as Kronk, Myron, and Hyram try to fight them off. Both Dagonay and Tristan manage to free themselves, but Edgar is bitten, and feels his strength drain away as the spider venom courses through his body. But the vermin are no match for Kronk, Hyram, and the brothers, so Edgar is safe, although severely weakened. A search of the spider’s nest turns up the desiccated body of an elf wearing the symbol of the Keep’s foresters. Thus is solved the mystery of the missing forester. The heroes must now decide where to go from here.



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